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Project Assistance

Diverse experiences of our consulting engineers, their global system approach and their relationships make them efficient and appreciated collaborators.

Product obsolescence & replacement

Based on its internal expertise and on its network of highly skilled railway experts, Q3S is now offering signalling product obsolescence solution and turnkey solutions based on COTS safety-critical PLC.


Work package

Q3S specialises in delivering total solutions on fixed price packages of work. This way we help our clients to minimise risk and to deliver effective work.

Indepedent Assessment & Audit

Like many safety-critical sectors, railways have important stakeholders – Governments, National Safety authorities, institutions, Train Operator companies, Railway Infrastructure Owners, and passengers – who expect some degree of third party assessmenton issues related to safety and quality.



Q3S Railway Engineering provides training in the field of RAMS engineering and risk management processes. The training is perfomed in our office or in the client premises

Technical Expertise

Q3S qualified experts for specific expertise and problem solving related to infrastucture, signalling and rolling stock. 



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