Our Activities

Q3S is an engineering company mainly active in the railway sector and providing consultancy services to companies willing to master their operational, organizational and technological evolution.

System & Product Engineering

Engineering is a multidisciplinary set of activities allowing developing systems & products based on technical experience and structured approach. This approach when properly managed allows the whole control of technical developments.

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The concept of risk is frequently used in lots of fields (finance, health, public safety,…) to express uncertainties regarding the occurrence of a given event. This uncertainties often reveals quite negative feelings.

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Project Management

Project Manager has to deliver controlled change to the business facing high demand. Effective management processes covering safety risk and quality is therefore no more an option. It is a must.

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Business Continuity and Maintenance

Business continuity aims to ensure high operation availability of a system. The fulfillment of this objective may imply time and money investments. A balance has therefore to be found.

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